Best Tips To Find A Financial Advisor

Looking for a financial advisor

If you are looking forward to finding a financial advisor, then there are a few things that can help you succeed. You need to understand the reasons why you need such services. Different people need different kinds of services from such advisors, knowing what you want to achieve will make it easier for you to meet your financial goals.

Ask your trusted colleagues, friends or family

Ask your trusted colleagues, friends or family members if they know of a reputable financial advisor. These are some of the people who can lead you to get someone who is a good fit for your situation. Get their contacts and follow it up by contacting them so as to set up a meeting. It is important to be professional as you approach prospective financial advisors. You can consider sending an email and then follow it up by making a call. If they say they are open to seeing you then schedule them for an interview.

Taking the time to interview them

Once you have identified a couple of people you might want to work with, consider taking the time to interview them. Even if you have gotten them through someone you trust, it is important to make sure that they understand your needs. So interview each one of them and compare how well they seem to understand your situation.

The benefit of interviewing potential advisors is that it allows you to work with only the best. It also allows you to get good value for money. If you can get someone you are comfortable with and talk to with ease, then you can get started on finding solutions for your finances.

How they are paid

As you look for someone to work with, it is important to find out how they are paid. There are different terms that one can use to get payment. You should be comfortable with the terms given. Some people might ask you for a commission, where a certain portion of your investment as agreed go to your advisor.

Depending on what stage you are in life, find out if it is possible for you to benefit more from specialized or generalized services. If you are interested in investing in a particular sector of the economy, then you might find out that working with a specialized financial advisor might be beneficial.

Consider a generalist or specialist advisor

Also, check out if your situation would work better with a generalist or specialist advisor. With a generalist, you can benefit from a wide range of effective financial information that can help you achieve your goals. However, a specialist can give you good guidance if you are keen on a particular aspect of your finances.

There are plenty of benefits associated in enlisting the services of a financial advisor. If you are an established business owner or an entrepreneur, you can hire one so as to know how to manage your finances or …

Extra Income | Learn About MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing)


A business model is wherein independent distributors market a service or product and also build a team of distributors in their downline. It is through the multiple layers of distributors that will generate the residual income as the team grows. It is the person that is able to manage their team to produce the sales and motivate them to recruit. That is the one that will excel.

MLM business so appealing to people?

So why is the MLM business so appealing to people? There are several reasons but the big ones are they own their own business and they are their own boss. They have full control over their success or their failure. This means that there are no boundaries. You can earn as much as you want. In a recent study about the US economy, it was said that there will be 10 million new millionaires created in the next 10 years. The two categories that will have the most will be MLM and Health and Wellness. As you can see the MLM business is very strong and will create many new millionaires in the upcoming years. MLM is a great place to be right now.

The concept of MLM

The concept of MLM is in general thought to be illegal but in fact is very legal. There have been some companies that were scams that have polluted the MLM reputation with misinformation and general misunderstanding. When looking at a specific MLM there are several places where you can get good information however in general searching on the internet will confuse you because there is so much misinformation.

MLM stands for Multi-level marketing

MLM stands for Multi-level marketing. The muli refers to the multiple layers of distributors that a person can receive commissions from by building their team. Each level downs pays a different percentage as the team grows bigger and bigger at each level from the multiplication factor. These large teams lead to large residual incomes. Additionally most MLM’s pay a bonus for recruiting new people in the business. The additional bonuses help the distributors to earn income fast as they start their teams. The real secret is to recruit eagles into your team an not ducks. A team of eagles can make you wealthy.

The question you want to answer is how do you recruit eagles into your team. Well, this is the question that has been asked by every new distributor in the MLM field since it was started back in the late 1800’s. The best way is to market and advertise. In this day of the internet, the most cost-effective way to reach people is to do online marketing. You can reach anyone in the world and do it at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising methods. You can build your team almost overnight anywhere in the world.

So the bottom line is why would anyone want to join an MLM company as really been answered. With all the money …

Small Business Tax Deductions

Best Business Tax Write-Offs and Small Business Tax Deductions

As a small enterprise owner, you are already mindful that there are reputable points you can write off on your organization tax return. And as a tiny business coach, I highly encourage you to do this making use of all legal means. Items like the use of the garage as a residence workplace, the mileage and appreciation on the car if it is employed in the company. These need time and impeccable records to get right here are a list of a couple of items that you can write off and they are comparatively effortless.

1.Skilled services

Any skilled services employed to in the operating of the enterprise are a viable tax write-off. This contains accountants, lawyers, marketing and advertising services and even the cleaning service. These all are the simplest to document and therefore will be great as a tax write-off.


Donations are also a quite good tax write-off choice. When you give old merchandise to charities get a receipt for the products. If your company sponsors equipment for the small league, maintain receipts for this activity. These ought to also be reflected in your credit card receipt that is if you make the donations using your card. This is hugely encouraged, of course.

3.Tax time

At tax time you can go through your accounts receivables and write-off amounts owed to you that are beyond collecting. If you have invoices that are more than a year old you can write these off. It could be a lot more affordable for you to do this than employing a collection agency. When carrying out this remember you only get to deduct the actual cost in terms of value of the actual product or the wages paid.

4.Fees and Interest

The fees and Interest on your business credit cards may possibly be eligible for a tax credit. These include late charges and service charges. Any individual loan that you have taken out to support retain the business afloat can be included in this deduction.

5.Ongoing education

Ongoing education that has a direct influence on your business can be a deduction on your taxes. Don’t forget that easy internet hosting class you took last month. Whilst it looks very good on your credentials, it also it an expense you can write off (you can do this if you are employed also). If you are taking courses in accounting and paying for them on the organization account, they qualify. This consists of classes and books. It is essential to deduct what you paid in taxes the previous year. A lot of corporations forget about this easy and effortless deduction. It could conserve you a lot of income on this year’s tax return.

Having a good accounting setup will assist you to file your taxes with much less fuss and bother. Tracking your expenditures need to be an ongoing concern via out the year. If not you will locate your self-scrambling for deductions …

Driving Sales Without Having a Sale

Grassroots marketing

One of the greatest attributes of grassroots marketing may well be that this ‘face-to-face’ marketing medium enables brands to sell their respective products or services based on the merits of the product or service itself. Period!

So often, we as marketers, fall prey to employing discounts or sale prices as a means of motivating the consumer to try our products or services. And while that may help us to see a measurable lift or ‘bump in sales‘, we know that we are also giving up a fair amount of profit margin, not to mention risking a decrease in the consumer’s perception of product value.

Where can Mobile Marketing help?

While we know that mobile marketing isn’t the most cost-effective medium to generate a measurable bump in short-term sales, we do know that when a mobile marketing program is planned and executed correctly, with enough reach and penetration in a defined market area, we will always see a Sales Lift occur. And–more importantly– we will see a Sales Lift occur at ‘Full Margin’.

Why? You don’t have to discount your product or service to sell it, you simply have to sell or present the features and benefits in a way that elevates perceived value. Consumers will pay full price because they want and desire your product.

After all, it’s the value of the product that the customer is buying, not that it costs less. Think about it. By interacting with the consumer on a one-to-one basis, you are able to:

-Deliver a more exciting and relevant personal brand experience

-Deliver a more exciting and relevant personal brand experience

-Demonstrate product benefits in a way that connects to the senses and the emotions of the consumer

-Build relationships or ‘bonding experiences’ by identifying customer needs and by responding with collaborative solutions

Driving Sales

The key to driving sales without discount incentives is having a great product. If you’re an agency or brand manager with a great product or service to sell and you know in your heart that consumers will not be able to resist wanting your product if they experience it first-hand, then the rest the equation is a matter of evaluating the Compound Impact of your mobile strategy.

By Compound Impact, we mean forecasting the cumulative sales value of customers who buy on a repetitive basis over the long run. So often, as marketers, we get caught up looking at the one-time cost of distributing a sample or demonstrating the product. But it’s important that we stop and look at the cumulative value of obtaining a regular customer.

An easy way of explaining cumulative value is to think about selling to a Wireless or Broadband customer who signs up to be billed on a regular monthly basis.

What is the long-term value of that sale?

A Lifetime of Quarterly Results. Even for most food products or packaged good products, the Compound Impact models we present strike an important chord. While many managers cringe at …

Do marketers need to be accredited?

Professional accreditation

Acquiring professional accreditation requires a considerable investment of time and money on the part of both the candidate and the company employing them. Bearing in mind most people have some kind of undergraduate degree, do professional accreditations give candidates much that they could not acquire on the job? After all, an academic degree proves dedication and a trained ability to think and analyze.

John Greenhough, head of business development for the CIM, says, “There are knowledge differences between an academic and professional qualification. An accreditation supplies the understanding of the theory and the ability to apply the information, it is vocational – there is a lot of case study work. We are keen to see people subscribe to continuous professional development.”

In the field

Katie Cash, the communications manager for outsourcing and consultancy specialist Hogg Robinson, is studying for the CIM Diploma in Marketing. “Certain elements of the course are applicable to what I do in the office and some not, but it gives me a broader view and puts things into context. It is invaluable,” she says. “I suggested doing the course and the company is sponsoring me. Hogg Robinson is very good about training and it will further my career.”

Richard Ayres, UK marketing manager for communication and motivation company BI, says: “It is a good thing for companies to support professional accreditation because it addresses the needs of individuals and recognizes them – you deserve our support to help you succeed personally and professionally.”

However, it takes a lot of dedication from both parties. Ayres continues: “A company needs to commit support to the individual, provide tools to complete assignments and give the candidate time off to revise and attend the examination – and to take all that into consideration against their workload.”

BI has traditionally encouraged employees to put themselves forward for the IDM Diploma. “We felt the IDM had more relevant modules and moved into the digital arena sooner than the CIM.” However, the company was involved in developing the ISP’s (Institute of Sales Promotion) new Motivation Diploma aimed at marketers targeting the trade channel or employees. “We are now reconsidering our position because of that,” says Ayres. “The Motivation Diploma has filled a gap and is probably more relevant to BI, although we will still support the IDM.”

However, when recruiting, most employers’ first consideration is to find the right person for the job. Scot McKee, managing director of Birddog, says, “We do not require professional accreditation as a prerequisite. We want people to deliver against our brand standards, so personality traits always come first because that is what we are going to present to the outside world.

Accreditations serve a useful purpose as a benchmark – for individuals as much as the agency – and tell people what they are capable of but they have limitations, like any qualification or accreditation,” he says. Birddog is an integrated marketing agency and McKee sees the CIM …