Driving Sales Without Having a Sale

Grassroots marketing

One of the greatest attributes of grassroots marketing may well be that this ‘face-to-face’ marketing medium enables brands to sell their respective products or services based on the merits of the product or service itself. Period!

So often, we as marketers, fall prey to employing discounts or sale prices as a means of motivating the consumer to try our products or services. And while that may help us to see a measurable lift or ‘bump in sales‘, we know that we are also giving up a fair amount of profit margin, not to mention risking a decrease in the consumer’s perception of product value.

Where can Mobile Marketing help?

While we know that mobile marketing isn’t the most cost-effective medium to generate a measurable bump in short-term sales, we do know that when a mobile marketing program is planned and executed correctly, with enough reach and penetration in a defined market area, we will always see a Sales Lift occur. And–more importantly– we will see a Sales Lift occur at ‘Full Margin’.

Why? You don’t have to discount your product or service to sell it, you simply have to sell or present the features and benefits in a way that elevates perceived value. Consumers will pay full price because they want and desire your product.

After all, it’s the value of the product that the customer is buying, not that it costs less. Think about it. By interacting with the consumer on a one-to-one basis, you are able to:

-Deliver a more exciting and relevant personal brand experience

-Deliver a more exciting and relevant personal brand experience

-Demonstrate product benefits in a way that connects to the senses and the emotions of the consumer

-Build relationships or ‘bonding experiences’ by identifying customer needs and by responding with collaborative solutions

Driving Sales

The key to driving sales without discount incentives is having a great product. If you’re an agency or brand manager with a great product or service to sell and you know in your heart that consumers will not be able to resist wanting your product if they experience it first-hand, then the rest the equation is a matter of evaluating the Compound Impact of your mobile strategy.

By Compound Impact, we mean forecasting the cumulative sales value of customers who buy on a repetitive basis over the long run. So often, as marketers, we get caught up looking at the one-time cost of distributing a sample or demonstrating the product. But it’s important that we stop and look at the cumulative value of obtaining a regular customer.

An easy way of explaining cumulative value is to think about selling to a Wireless or Broadband customer who signs up to be billed on a regular monthly basis.

What is the long-term value of that sale?

A Lifetime of Quarterly Results. Even for most food products or packaged good products, the Compound Impact models we present strike an important chord. While many managers cringe at the thought of what it costs to intercept a single customer via an event-based initiative, they can be delighted with how low that cost can be driven as they think about the amount of sales that customer brings to the brand over time. Once they click into this mindset, the important factor becomes driving up the numbers.

In Closing…

Driving sales via carefully crafted mobile marketing strategies that are not reliant upon discounting makes total sense and is perhaps one of the more important reasons why mobile marketing is finding its place in the marketing landscape. It’s all about growing your market share one loyal customer at a time.

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